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Childhood Trauma
Childhood Trauma
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Do your child's trauma behaviors make you feel like a failure? If your child was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder or another trauma-related mental illness, you don't need to do this alone! Our community will provide guidance and support; comradery and belonging. Our online courses will help you understand why "regular" parenting isn't working and will set you on the right path for healing and connection. 

Does your child exhibit trauma behaviors?

If your child exhibits more than two behaviors from the list below, Trauma Drama University's program is a good fit. You don't need to be able to identify an exact cause of trauma to benefit from therapeutic parenting and connecting with healing professionals. Join our village for the support you need!

Extreme Anger / Explosive Violence

Inability to Give/Receive Affection

Lack of Cause & Effect Thinking

Severe Anxiety and/or Depression

Food Hoarding / Unusual Eating Habits

Indiscriminate Affection with Strangers

Bedwetting / Urinating Around House

Preoccupation with Fire, Blood, & Gore

Poor Impulse Control

Lying / Stealing

Executive Function Issues / Learning Lags

Threatening to Hurt or Kill Others 

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Download our

Free MindsetPoster

Help remind yourself of the effects of trauma on your child's growing brain. Hang this poster somewhere you see it often... the back of the bathroom door, next to your bed, or in your office.

And if you treat kids with trauma, consider purchasing the larger version to hang in your office from our TDU campus store!

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